Edge Clip Family

Edge Clip Family

The EdgeClip product range is suitable for the low vibration routing of cables and tubes with larger bundling diameters.  The edge clips are fastened simply by pushing them onto an edge.  Since they can be fixed in place with just one hand, they are user-friendly. 

EdgeClips are used in the automotive and electrical industry for applications where it is impossible to drill holes or no other fixing points are available.  A very versatile product range!


  Users can be reassured that the clip is firmly in place when they feel it snap into place.  The EdgeClip EC27 can accommodate additional cable bundles during an upstream or downstream mounting process.  The integrated spring is also able to secure smaller cable diameters. 


The EdgeClip EC39 used for fixing tubes and harnesses has an integrated metal clamp which holds the clip firmly in place, ideal for applications where holes or adhesives are not suitable.

  The EdgeClip EC41 allows two cable looms to run parallel on one edge. 

All clips are suitable for the subsequent mounting of additional cables.

  • Releasable fixing elements with EdgeClip
  • Low vibration routing of larger bundle diameters
  • Can be easily pushed onto an edge by hand
  • Can also be snapped together with one hand
  • Bundles can be released at any time

Also available in the EdgeClip range is the HCEC3.0SP-C  a fixing element for tubes and harnesses, a simple fixing which you push on with your hand and it clips into place, and the HCEC3.0TPS again a fixing element 1-3mm or 3-6mm with a double tempered steel spring. Also ideally to be used in the automotive industry and electrical industries.

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